CPHA Insurance

As a practitioner member of CPHA you are eligible to join the voluntary Group Rate Malpractice and Liability Insurance Program.
Group Rate Insurance for Practitionens -  is $253.40 a year for two million dollars liability and malpractice insurance.
Available from this link: www.preventativehealthservices.com  click on Application for the form.
Group Rate Malpractice and Liability Insurance for CPHA Practitioner Members

CPHA is pleased to be able to offer group rate Liability and Malpractice Insurance through Impact Insurance Brokers in Concord, Ontario. The underwriter is Encon.

Overall administration is handled by the Preventative Health Services Group which has developed this program of support to offer affordable insurance geared to alternative health practitioners operating out of their home, visiting clients in their home or place of work, or in a clinic.

Who Is Eligible for Insurance?
This insurance package is offered only to members of CPHA so you must be a paid up member in good standing, and you must have achieved practitioner status by graduating from Master Choa Kok Suis’ certification program as an Associate or Certified Pranic Healer, or Teacher. (Authorized Instructors are not eligible for the insurance program).
CPHA mmbership form

What Does Insurance Cost and What Does it Cover?
Cost of insurance is to $253.40 a year and coverage includes two million dollars in liability insurance and two million in malpractice insurance.

In addition to Pranic Healing, the insurance can cover various other modalities.

Wat is Preventative Health Services Role?
George Keramaris at PHS handles all administration, renewal notices and broker/underwriter communication for an annual fee of $25 which is included in your  to $253.40 cost. Should you have a claim, the first person to contact is George.

How Do I go aout aplying for Insurance?
Download an application form from the Preventative Health Services web site and send it to George Keramaris at PHS. Click on Application to download the form. (Web page info at end of document.)

Follow the instructions on the application form. For example, you must send copies of your training certificates to PHS along with your application and payment.

For further info contact:
Preventative Health Services, George Keramaris. www.preventativehealthservices.com  (Click on Application for application form). T: 1 416 423 2765.
Impact Insurance Brokers. www.impactinsurancebrokers.com

For more information conact:
Alice Gardai
204 282 8847