Niagara-on-the-Lake, ON
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The Ontario Centre for Pranic Healing, physically, is a studio exclusively used for individual sessions, classes and meditations. In a serene and scenic setting, the Centre is located in the tranquil and beautiful Niagara on the Lake.

But more than just a physical centre, it is a school/association for MCKS Pranic Healing/Arhatic Yoga in Eastern Canada dedicated to the purity of the teachings with affiliated centres in TORONTO DOWNTOWN, MISSISSAUGA, LONDON,ON, KITCHENER, OTTAWA, MONTREAL and WAKEFIELD, Que. and growing.

We offer:

MCKS Pranic Healing courses
Individual healing sessions with certified practitioners
Free introductory lectures and demonstrations (also out of town invitations)
Support group for practitioners
Internship & Certification Programs
Regular weekly Twin Hearts Meditations for healing ourselves and the world
Full-moon meditations for health and global healing
Pranic Healing Books & CD's
Arhatic Yoga Meditations