CPHA is an association for Pranic Healing students, professionals, instructors and centres, authorized by the Institute of Inner Studies Inc. the main and global Institute created by the Founder Master Choa Kok Sui.
After any MCKS Pranic Healing courses taken through these authorized Centres and Instructors you will receive an original certificate from the main Institute that allows you to continue your Pranic Healing studies in all authorized Pranic Healing Centres globally

CPHA Mandate 

  • To develop, maintain and ensure ethical and technical standards of practise for MCKS Pranic Healing; and the uniform observance by all Canadian Pranic Healers
  • To support all Canadian Pranic Healers by means of education, networking and caregiving
  • To assist in the formation of and to coordinate with other regional and/or national Pranic Healing Associations that represent MCKS Pranic Healers as a group in all matters concerning MCKS Pranic Healing
  • To promote the awareness and recognition of MCKS Pranic Healing in Canada to the public.