Arhatic Yoga Meditation Practise

Arhatic Yoga - The Yoga of Synthesis - created by GrandMaster Choa Kok Sui with the help of his Respected Teacher Lord Boddhisattva Mei Ling -.

Arhatic Yoga is the spiritual path and foundation of MCKS Pranic Healing.

Arhatic Yoga is a synthesis of various yogic techniques, including powerful meditations and energy-generating physical and breathing exercises, integrated into a step-by-step system that rapidly and safely accelerates the spiritual development of the practitioner.  

Arhatic derives from the word Arhat, which means a 'perfected one', or a 'highly evolved being'. An Arhat is one who, through diligent practice of yogic techniques and purposeful character-building, has overcome the impurities of desire and will. 
An Arhat has well developed intuition, advanced mental powers, highly refined emotions and a strong desire to contribute personally to the uplifting of humanity.
For more info go to the Canadian Arhatic Yoga Society