On Twin Hearts Meditation:

I usually try to do my TH meditation in the morning as I find it starts well the day. I have noticed that when I do not do my TH meditation in the morning my day seems to be a little bit more abrasive than usual. I have less patience towards my work colleagues and I seem to be irritated more easily.
A while ago I got into a car accident where my car was declared a total loss and the driver behind me was completely responsible for this accident. On the evening of the accident, when I got back home, I decided to do a second TH meditation even though I had done one in the morning. I remembered from my Pranic Healing class how the TH meditation is powerful at cleaning our “negativity”, and this was a perfect situation to put it to the test. So I did my meditation, and also blessed the driver who was responsible for this accident. This is also something that is taught to us in our Pranic Healing class, to clear up rapidly negative situations to bless even if we do not feel like it.
Well, let me tell you that I got to experience firsthand the power of those two tools together (TH meditation and blessing). By the next morning I was totally calm, I was not upset at the driver and actually was able to go to work and do my work as if nothing had happened. The best part for me was that I did not carry any feeling of resentment towards the other driver which before I would have had.
All this to say that I now am a firm believer in the gentle power of the TH meditation and consider it a great tool to use to begin my day and help me as well with negative situations that may occur during the day.
Camille Des Lauriers, Ottawa

I ended up in the hospital for four days and discovered I was a diabetic. I was in a room with a man with all kinds of ailments. He was restless and in a lot of pain because he had kidney stones and a large one was stuck. So he was waiting for the operation to remove them.
I tried to do a healing on him, but didn`t know where to begin. Then I remembered Master Nona saying how powerful the Twin Hearts meditation is, and that we can play it for individuals that need healing. So I played it for him, I did not tell him what I was doing. RIght after the end of the meditation, he told me that all his nervousness was gone, and that he felt the best since he got into the hospital. Then I meditated and was guided to use EV and I saw the energy turning into crystals and breaking up the kidney stone. Within two hours he had passed 16 small stones.
In the next room was a family grieving because their mother was passing away.
The atmosphere in the hospital felt restless and stressed, so I played the cd for the gireving family and for the whole hospital and staff. The energy became very peaceful, and the people became affectionate and respectful. I was overjoyed and thankful that I could be of service, THM truly is a gift from the Great Ones. Thank You Master
Henry Fehr, London, ON